LVS related links

  • Piranha is the clustering product from Red Hat Inc., it includes the LVS kernel code, a GUI-based cluster configuration tool and cluster monitoring tool.
  • Ultra Monkey is a complete open source server farm solution for linux, providing high availability and load balancing.
  • Keepalived implements a framework of LVS cluster monitoring based on three family checks: Layer3, Layer4 & Layer5.
  • The High-Availability Linux Project, the home of heartbeat code and a good collection of Linux HA resources on the Internet.
  • The Linux Network Address Translation project, a good collection of Linux NAT resources on the Internet.
  • The mon, a general resource monitoring daemon written in Perl.
  • Fake, the redundant server switch software home page.
  • EDDIE: A Robust and Scalable Internet Server, which uses DNS-based and application-level load balancing approaches.
  • Super Sparrow, is to balance traffic among geographically distributed points by finding the site close to clients based on BGP routing information.
  • The Cluster Infrastructure for Linux project, is developing a common infrastructure for Linux clustering by extending the Cluster Membership and Internode Communication Subsystems from HP's NonStop Clusters for Unixware code base.
  • The SSI Clusters for Linux project, is a comprehensive clustering solution offering a full, highly available Single System Image environment for Linux. Goals for OpenSSI Clusters include availability, scalability and manageability, built from standard servers.

Storage links

  • Lustre, a next-generation cluster file system which can serve clusters with 10,000's of nodes, petabytes of storage, move 100's of GB/sec with state of the art security and management infrastructure.
  • Coda File System, a distributed and fault-tolerant filesystem from CMU.
  • Intermezzo, a lightweight efficient distributed filesystem and a complete redesign under the inspiration of Coda.
  • GFS - the Global Filesystem, an efficient distributed and fault-tolerant filesystem with the cool dlock implementation (hardware related).
  • PVFS - the Parallel Virtual File System, a parallel file system for Linux clusters.
  • dtfs, a log structured filesystem for Linux
  • LVM, Logical Volume Manager for Linux

Clustering computing links

Single-system scalability links

Commercial Links

  • IBM eNetwork Dispatcher (formerly known as Interactive Network Dispatcher), brings scalability, availability, and performance to your Web site. Expensive solutions!
  • Cisco LocalDirector uses the NAT approach.
  • Alteon ACEDirector uses the NAT approach, a box with two MIPS RISC processors and some special designed ASIC curcuits.
  • F5 Big/IP uses the NAT approach too.

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