LVS Sponsors

The following companies (no order here) generously help LVS development. logo The (in Germany) has been hosting the mailing list for quite a long time, and hosted the LVS web site from the August 1999 to February 2001. logo The was very kind to donate a dedicated server for the LVS project in December 2000. The server is hosted at the in New York, USA. We moved the main web site in February 2001. However, the server was dead because the data center of AboveNet in New York was closed in August 2002 after it filed for bankruptcy .
redhat logo Red Hat, Inc. partially support Wensong to work on this project.
internetappliance logo Internet Appliance, Inc. sent Wensong five their rackmountable 1U IA boxes on June 25, 2001. Wensong now has cool hardware for development.
Verge Networks logo Verge Networks has been hosting the main LVS web site since August 2002.
Songzhuo Infotech logo Songzhuo Information Technology LTD has provided a dedicated server for the LVS project since October 2003.
Jinshan Online logo Jinshan Online has provided colocation space for one server free of charge since October 2003.

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